American Airlines is one of the three prominent airlines in the United States, extensively covering all parts of the world. Delays, cancellations, lost luggage, safety, animal transportation, refund requests, reservations, and visa inquiries are the most common problems passengers are bound to face when dealing with airlines. Usually, AA is a reliable airline, but as the saying goes, you never know when something will go south. AA has several customer care phone numbers catering to different cities and countries. However, with the passage of time, customers always run into one or two problems, and the busy customer care lines don't really help it.

Though American Airlines has one of the best customer care support, it has extensive customer call phone services via call centers, robust email services, sales offices, and airport helpdesks available all day all night. The main problem with AA airlines comes during peak seasons as the customers are always running into record wait times for customer service. In this blog, we have compiled all the important stuff and tips that can connect you quickly to the AA customer care line and troubleshooting. These tips will help you in both the United States as well as different parts of the world when traveling.

American Airlines Customer Service and Offices are:-

American Airlines Customer Service Offices In US

(Miami, New York, SFO, JFK, LAX, Dallas, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Kansas, Utah, Knoxville, Indianapolis, Laguardia, Logan airport, O'hare, Louisville, New Orleans, Albuquerque, Austin, DCA, Pittsburgh, Florida, New York, Los Angeles)

American Airlines Customer Service Offices In UK

(London, Heathrow) – Canada (Vancouver) – Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) – Colombia – Mexico – Haiti – Israel – Jamaica (Kingston) – Argentina (Buenos Aires) – Brasil

American Airlines Customer Service Offices In INDIA

(Delhi, Mumbai) – Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali) – Hong Kong – Germany (Frankfurt) – France – Italy – Spain – Switzerland – Korea – Kuwait – Qatar

American Airlines Customer Service Offices In Saudi Arabia

(Jeddah) – Jordan, Trinidad – Curacao – Ecuador – Barbados – Bahamas – Belize – El Salvador – Costa Rica – Cuba (Havana), and more.


There is a dedicated page called the American Airlines customer support page through which users inquire about several AA flight issues such as delays, cancellations, lost luggage, animal transportation, refund initiation, AAdvantage points, etc.

Efficient travelers made more work of American Airlines online assistance than wasting time on busy customer care lines. Online assistance includes email services, chatbot, managing my bookings, social media live chat, and FAQs. You can also reach American Airlines' Facebook and Twitter pages. Studies have shown social media offers speedy and quick resolutions to users' problems irrespective of the sector, as people are ever so present online. Chatbox option is given on both the AA website and the AA app. You just have to register with American Airlines, create your id & password, and then can avail of the online chatting feature.

How to Contact American Airlines Customer Care

  • Travelers with existing reservations can contact American Airlines at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331). The USA and Canadian customers can contact American Airlines customer care service number 855-820-3610 for reservation assistance.
  • Then there is 24-hour American Airlines help desk assistance. The 24-hour accessibility number is 1-800-228-2744 and can be availed only by USA and Canadian customers.
  • Here is the rundown of several American airlines customer care numbers accommodating different inquiries, different countries, and cities.

American Airlines Customer Care Number

800-433-7300 US call center English (24/7)
800-633-3711 US call center Spanish (24/7)
866-824-8717 US call center Portugues (6 am - 7pm)
800-756-8613 US call center French (7am - 6pm)
800-833-5767 US call center Creole (7am - 4pm)
800-237- 0027 US call center Japanese (24/7)
800-492-8095 US call center Mandarin (24/7)
Regional Numbers AA affiliated call centers Regional or English language
800-433-7300 AAdvantage Miles Points English
800-433-6355 AA AirPass
Business Extra– Companies loyalty program
800-237-7971 American Airlines Admiral Club
800-733-2654/ 423-477-6512 American Airlines Credit Card (US/International)
1 800-677-9555 American Airlines Gift Card Program
800-433-7300 Baggage Information
800-535-5225 Baggage Customer Service
35922/ 447950080989 Flight status msg services (US, UK and Spain)
682-278-9000 American Airlines Headquarters
800-621-8489 American Airlines (travel agents)
800-227-4622/ 800-344-4320 American Airlines Pet Cargo Transportation Spanish and English
817-786-4291 / 800-227-4622 / 800-344-4320 American Airlines Cargo and Priority Parcel Service English, Spanish and any other international destinations
800-222-2377 / 800-433-7300 American Airlines Technical Support US & Canada / international
800-237-7976 Special Assistance and Disabled
888-808-9786 AA Brand Store
800-245-8569 American Airlines Car Rental
800-628-5404 / 866-520-8831/ 01-800-999-9922 American Airlines Insurance US/Canada/ Mexico
800-321-2121 / 817-786-4304 American Airlines Vacations USA, Canada and International
Dial-AA-Flight current flight, schedule, and gate information

The sales team present at US customer care usually uses automatic questionnaires to direct your query in the right direction. To get to the personnel at the other end of the line, dial 0 at the start and then press 3 at the end to wait in line or 1 to receive a callback. Most numbers starting from 800 are toll-free and will not incur charges if calling from the USA and Canada. International travelers can call on those numbers by adding +1 at the beginning of the number. Any call on 800 numbers from North America will incur international charges.

The average wait time for AA customer care number ranges between 15 minutes and 50 minutes, and time can exceed in extraordinary situations like covid. However, looking into the stature of American Airlines, it has sufficient employees stocked at call centers that sufficiently handle all queries at normal periods of time.

American Airlines Customer Contact Number by Airport

Ezeiza International Airport,
Buenos Aires, Argentina
0 800 444 84253
Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport,
Sydney, Australia
02 9101 1948
Rio De Janeiro International Airport,
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
11 3004 5000
Ottawa International Airport,
Ottawa, Canada
800 222 2377
Pudong International Airport,
Terminal T2,
Suite B7-502
Shanghai, China
400 818 7333
Frankfurt Airport,
Frankfurt, Germany
+49 (069) 2999 3234 / 01805 11 37 09
Hong Kong International Airport,
Hong Kong
+852 3057 9197 / +852 3057 919
Venice Marco Polo Airport,
Venezia, Italy
Shinagawa City,
Tokyo, Japan
Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport,
Madrid, Spain
El Prat Airport,
Barcelona, Spain

American Airlines Customer Contact Number By Cities

Travelers can use a landline number or use a mobile phone international calls package to contact American airlines' customer care number. Some of the numbers given below are toll-free, while some of them incur international rates. You can use internet call apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Google voice, Vonage, or Rebtel to make such calls.

Albuquerque +1 800-433-7300
Atlanta +1 800 433 7300
Austin +1 800-433-7300
Barbados 800 744 0006 / 246 428 4170
Bermuda 800 744 0006
Boston 800 433 7300
Brisbane 02 9101 1948
Buenos Aires +54 11 4318-1111
Chicago +1 800-433-7300
Curacao 800 833 5767
Dallas +1 214 665 4299
Denver +1 800 433 7300
Dublin 0818 710 299
Florida +1 800 433 7300
Frankfurt +49 69 29993234
Guadalajara 55 5209 1400
Gurgaon 0124 601 4200
Gulfport +1 800 433 7300
Havana 0800 22737
Hawaii 1-800-433-7300
Heathrow 0207 660 2300
Jeddah 800 850 0685
JFK +1 800 433 7300
Indianapolis +1 800 433 7300
Jakarta 65 634 98444
Kailua-Kona 1-800-433-7300
Kansas City +1 8004337300
Kauai 1-800-433-7300
Kingston 800 744 0006
Knoxville 800 433 7300
LaGuardia 800 433 7300
Las Vegas +1 844-293-3405
Logan +1 800-235-6426
Los Angeles 1-800-433-7300
Louisville 800 433 7300
Medellin 508 5968
Melbourne 02 9101 1948
Miami 800 433 7300
Mumbai 0124 601 4200
New Orleans 800 433 7300
New York 1-800-433-7300
O'hare 800 433 7300
Perth 02 9101 1948
Philadelphia 800 433 7300
Phoenix +1 602-273-3300
Pittsburgh 1-800-433-7300
Quito 02 500 4080
Santo Domingo 809 542 5151 / 1-809-200-5151
Syracuse +1 800-433-7300
Sydney 02 9101 1948
Trinidad 800 833 5767
Utah 800 433 7300
Vancouver 800 222 2377

How to Contact American Airlines through AAdvantage Customer Care Support

AAdvantage program members via the frequent flyer membership program enjoy a dedicated customer care relationship that has less waiting time compared to usual customer care waiting time and has better services all around. Members, when in line with the AA customer care number, can reach the personnel at the end of the call line by giving their membership number. USA and Canada lines can call 800-882-8880, which is open from 8 am to 7 pm CT. Several AAdvantage phone number lines are assigned for different tier levels of this loyalty program. AAdvantage Gold members can call the American Airlines dedicated GOLD member customer care line at 800-848-4653. AAdvantage Platinum Members can contact the Platinum helpline number at 800-843-300. AAdvantage Executive Platinum members can call their dedicated Executive Platinum helpline desk at 800-843-6200.

Members can also contact customer care through the chatbot option present in the American Airlines app.

Use American Airlines Social Media Channels

The regular option for any American Airlines customers is to login into the AA website or American Airlines app and make flight changes under the "Manage My Bookings" head. Users can change/select their seats, cancel their flights, file for a refund, inquire about lost luggage, get important info on animal transportation, etc.

But if online services don't produce the desired outcome, then passengers usually dial the customer care number. The problem lies with the customer care numbers are a lot of waiting time and systematic based inquiries.

The quick way to connect to customer care services is through the social media pages of American Airlines. Travelers are finding their issues fixed quickly with a lot of speed, and the staff deployed there is more responsive and actively looking to solve your problems.

  • Visit the American Airlines official account on Twitter, go to the message icon, click on it and make your query.
  • Visit the American Airlines Official Facebook page, click on the send message button and chat with the AA staff.

American Airlines Email Support?

American Airlines does not offer email services directly. Travelers can send an email using the AA website online form. For whatever query you wish to email to American airlines, travelers have to select topics given in the drop-down list like group travel, disability assistance, customer relations, lost luggage, cargo transportation, etc.

Requesting a Refund Of American Airlines Tickets

To initiate a refund process or queries with American Airlines, travelers have to visit the AA website. American Airlines doesn't provide phone number services to handle refund requests.

Go to; their travelers can select between a number of options. You'll have the option to request a refund, check the status of a refund, or send further grievances reports to your already submitted refund query. For more, check Refund FAQ.

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